How To Be Successful

A great motivational quote of Zig Ziglar is “you will never take the second step, if you never take the first step”. This world has a big waiting room for lots of people sitting around waiting for the perfect relationship, better health and the life of their dreams, but dreams will not happen without action. How to be confident that you will achieve success or achieve your personal success depends on your actions. If you do not take action for your dream, then only time will change, not your personal success. You will still be in the same spot, maybe a worse spot. If you do not take the first step to start the life you want, then you will never take the second.

However, what about those of us who keep taking the second step over and over and never getting anywhere close to our personal success dreams. I have started so many weight loss programs, work from home businesses and other life changing patterns only to have to fall back into my old habits and patterns. Keep doing the same things and expecting different results is not the pattern of a successful person.

The first step can always be taken with confidence and faith of personal success only to be a faint memory when goals are not achieved. How to be successful in any endeavor, no matter what, takes continued commitment. Stopping at the first hurdles of emotional pain is a step that leads to unsuccessful land.  Achieving personal success is easy for everyone. Sure it looks easy when you look a confident role model and lament that they have it easy.

Getting over those emotional and physical hurdles take action and effort.  For personal success and directions on how to be successful takes positive action.  Positive action needs to be clear goals and action toward those goals.

What do you want out of life? Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Feel that you already have the dream life. To Everything in life there is another side. You must be willing to step through your fear and pain to receive your dreams. Sitting around complaining will not create the changes that you wish for. Your steps need to be always toward your goal.  There will be times when you take two steps forward and one back, but you are still heading toward your goal. Learn how those you feel are successful and follow their footsteps. Develop tools to help you when you let doubt thoughts control your focus.

How to be confident starts with you feeling confident. One of the easiest tools is to physically command you thought to change toward confidence. Let your head and shoulders slum down and forward. Slowly inhale deeply visualizing confidence entering your lungs and filling your blood stream with confidence.  Raise your head and neck tall, and exhale all the bad thoughts from your body. Roll your shoulders back and stand as tall as you can. If your physical body says confidence your mind will follow.

Having your mind always toward your goals will allow you to achieve your personal success. Learn how to be successful by learning from those who are successful and have the tools to help you.  You will learn how to be successful by keeping on the path that is keeping you toward your goals. Define your success measures to yourself, not to others standards. Physically make yourself look successful, feel successful and your mind will take you to the successful life of living the dream, Your Dreams.


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Now driving my life, instead of it driving me... Setting sights on goals... and actually achieving them.. It is never too late... Your past does not create your future you do. MediMoves is a place where movement is Medicine. Movement can create new patterns in your brain that can control and improve your whole lifestyle.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Love this post… Lets keep focused on our goals! We will get there!

  2. Irish Carter says:

    Love this post and the motivation behind it. I think when we get ourselves to being confident we can accomplish anything.

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